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Faroe Islands is an independent Nordic nation and culture has Tórshavn as the cultural center, including with the distinctive Nordic House (Cultural Centre), where the country's most important cultural events are organized. National festival is Ólavsøka the 28./29. July.
Language is one of the most important aspects in the Faroese cultural identity, and therefore the Faroese are very conscious about preserving the Faroese language. Faroese culture is characterized by a rich arts and music scene with many performers. Special Kristian Blak has with his record label "TUTL" in Tórshavn for over 25 years been a source of inspiration for Faroese music.
Kirkjubøur village on the island Streymoy is one of the most important historical and cultural sites in the Faroes. Here, among other Magnus Cathedral (now ruined), Olav's church and royal courtyard, which are some of the Faroe Islands' biggest attractions. Kirkjubøur have applied for inclusion on the UNESCO list of World Heritage in Europe during the Middle Ages, Kirkjubøur bishopric.
Chain Dance and ballads
Faroese chain dancing with the corresponding ballads (like Siegmund kvæði, Yngra) danced and sung is still anywhere in the Faeroe Islands, which is one of the few places in Europe where the old medieval tradition is still alive.

Plads til nyheder

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