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The population
The vast majority of the inhabitants are Faroese and is of Scandinavian and Celtic origin.
Newer DNA studies show that the male genes is 87% Scandinavian, while the female genes is 84% UK (Irish / Scotland).
Faroe Islands has 48,219 inhabitants (01.01.2006), including approximately 17,000 live in the capital, Torshavn (Torshavn on the Faroe Islands) and 5,000 in Klaksvig (Klaksvík in Faroese). The language is Faroese, who is a West Nordic language akin to Icelandic and Norwegian. Danish is taught at school from third grade. Beside the standard Danish as a foreign language, there also exists a local accent, similar to Norwegian, called gøtudanskt.
98 percent of the inhabitants are Foreign citizens and thus Faroese, Danes and Greenlanders. About 5 percent were born in Denmark. Icelanders are the largest group of foreigners, followed by citizens from Norway and Poland, each with 0.2 percent. All in all there are people from 77 different countries in the Faroes.
Unofficial figures indicate that there are approx. 15-20000 Faroese in Denmark and approx. 5,000 in Iceland.

Plads til nyheder

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