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1. Gjáargarður - Guesthouse of Gjógv
Adress: Gjógv
Zip and City: 476 Gjógv
Phone: +298 42 31 71
Gjáargarður is not just the most charming hotel in the Faroe Islands - it is also located in the stunningly beautiful natural surroundings. Here are both good service and facilities for any purpose. In the pleasant, peaceful and beautiful surroundings are your own day.

In the Faroes you will find a charming hotel - so distant and yet so close ... It is not far to the village Gjógv the Faroes. But a stay at Gjáargarður is remote from daily life. When the family needs some days off when the company will meet when the group must shake down or there must be a big party - Gjáargarður is the right choice for any occasion.
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About Faroe Islands
There are 18 islands in the Faroe Islands. These are Borðoy, Fugloy, Eysturoy, Hestur, Kalsoy, Koltur, Kunoy, Lítla Dímun, Mykines, Nólsoy, Sandoy, Skúvoy, Stóra Dímun, Streymoy, Suðuroy, Svínoy, Vágar adn Viðoy.

Faroe Islands are located at 62 degrees north latitude and... More ›